How many times have you wished you'd freelance; working from home three or four hours a day and earn some good income? If that's your wish, then this is the time to make it a reality.

Many people claim that day jobs are safer than ordinary jobs while in some countries, people believe that freelancing is for people who can't secure real jobs.

All the same, freelancers know best why they're obsessed with the business. "After all, a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there." You may be comfortable at your 9 to 5 job, but nothing best will ever come from it – you're held hostage; no freedom, no flexibility and perhaps no increment of salaries.

The Bureau of Labor stats shows that the United States of America alone has over 57 million freelancers and that the number is likely to increase immensely by 2027. This is a too-good-to-true stat to ignore.

In this article, I'm going to show you why you should be a freelancer even if you have a day job.

Let's jump right in.

1. Freelancing is Flexible

Recently, I was passing by a five-star hotel in my town, and my attention got glued to some tourists who were taking photos in front of a beautiful statue. It was clear that they were people running their businesses – perhaps freelancing. I believe every person's wish is to have such a lifestyle.

Flexibility is one reason why most people choose to start freelancing. Think of commanding your rates, having your schedules, going for a honeymoon without being fired, etc.

How does freelancing offer you flexibility? Below are ways in which freelancing guarantees flexibility.

You can control your earnings – The more efficient you are, the more you earn. If you can write copies that sell, then you can command higher rates. Danny Margulies, a top-rated Upworker, charges $125 per hour to write landing pages. Similarly, if you can write blogs that go viral, don't hesitate to charge higher rates. Jon Morrow, the founder of Smartblogger, has a basic income of over $1 million per month! On the contrary, you can't command higher salaries on your day job, unless you're promoted to a more senior position – which always takes time, and isn't guaranteed.

Flexibility to set your schedules – You can work at your best productive hours. You can choose to work during the day, in the evening or choose to burn the midnight oil – it's your prerogative. Elna Cain, a mom of two toddlers and a reputable freelance writer, still finds time to freelance, even though she has two toddlers to manage.

Flexibility to choose your projects – In freelancing, you have the right to either reject or accept offers. You can choose which projects to work on, depending on the rates, your schedules or your passion for the project. I have rejected job offers maybe because the pay was too low, the client seemed difficult to work with, or the job didn't suit me.

Flexibility to set your terms – This is my best reason why I chose to freelance. For example, I prefer to be paid up front before I start any job. You can decide to have your unique terms like not accepting guest posts on your blog. Again, it's your prerequisite.

2. Freelance Generates Additional Income

Let's face reality. Most employees don't love their jobs, and their salaries can't take care of all their needs. If you're such a person, then you should start thinking of trying freelancing.

Most of my clients and mentors decided to quit their shitty jobs and start their freelancing empire. The amazing thing is that once they chose to freelance, they never looked back. It means that freelancing rewards if you decide to put in the required effort.

If you want to do freelancing part-time, it's still a good thought. So, go ahead and make the shit happen. Besides, freelancing will boost your financial security on top of your day job.

The best of all is that when you're sacked from your 9 to 5 job, you will still have clients who will ramp up your freelance business, either full-time or hold you until you land your next day job.

Now that you have started freelancing, you can invest your freelancing income on any profitable investment you wish, like real estate, man, and van services, etc.

3. Freelancing is a Learning Opportunity

Tons of people think freelancing is a quick-rich scheme. Let's be honest; your first freelancing year may not be a success. You will encounter challenges, get filled with tons of freelancing advice – which may even confuse you. Perhaps this is why most freelancers give up and end up as failures.

But why do other freelancers succeed?

Here's the thing; freelancing is a learning opportunity. You need to learn new ideas every day continuously. Most of my freelance mentors have invested in freelance courses, eBooks so that they can get fresh ideas that they can incorporate into their writing.

Jorden Makelle, the founder of Creative Revolt, continuously buy freelance courses, even though she's already a top freelance writer.

Walter Akolo, has chosen to take more freelance courses and read lots of eBooks – which most of them are paid.

I registered for one of the best Udemy courses, "How to Become an Exceptional Writer: Writing with Flair." You can purchase the course at a 90% discount here (from $199.99 to $19.99). The course is detailed and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to write with flair.

4. Freelance Opens Up New Career Opportunities

On top of your freelance business, being a freelancer can lead you into several career opportunities. For example, copywriting and social media management can lead you into careers like digital marketing and advertising.

The art of web designing can lead you into being a savvy web designer and earn good cash, either designing websites full-time or part-time.

Content and article writing can land you writing jobs, especially from companies embracing content marketing and blogging. Many companies hire content writers to help them craft content that educates their customers before they make a purchasing decision.

You can see that freelancing has lots of advantages; It is stable, and when fired by one or two clients, freelancers can easily land other clients.

Why then would you stick to a job that you aren't respected when you can do freelancing where clients value and respect you?

Stop depending on managers who don't care about losing you, because they can easily recruit new employees.