Of late, landing a job has proved difficult. There’s more demand than supply in the job markets. When writing your resume, always remember that’s what interviewers use to determine your job qualification. It creates a first impression to all potential employers and therefore should be well tailored.

Want to know the 8 foolish resume mistakes that can cost you a job? Let’s jump right in.

1) Not Customizing Your Resume

Tailor your resume as per the job description. Although, you shouldn’t lie, this is an essential key to writing an effective Curriculum Vitae. Ensure you emphasize on your areas of interest. If you are applying for an administrative position, emphasize on your administrative experience

2) Grammatical Errors and Typos

Review your CV at least 3 times. You can have somebody check it out for spelling mistakes before sending. Having another pair of eyes helps spot errors you are not able to pick up. This might seem petty but it gives an impression that you are sloppy. It also shows you didn’t take time to go through your resume.

3) Poor Formatting

Recruiters want to see an attractive resume. A resume with complex fonts can be difficult to read. Use a simple font such as New Times Roman. Avoid dense blocks of texts and edgy graphics. Have other people look at it, edit and revise before sending it out.

4) Giving Irrelevant Information or Repeating Phrases

Avoid unnecessary information like age, marital status, gender etc. Instead, focus on the duties that align with the job description. There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance so stick to relevant duties.

5) Giving Incorrect Contact Information

This is another mistake that can blow your chances of getting an interview. Note down the correct phone number and email address. Once you have provided your contact, don’t change it later. Changing it can If the recruiter cannot get in touch with you, then you lose that opportunity.

6) Adding a Photo

Avoid this as it makes you look unprofessional. Unless you an applying for an actor or model position, this is unnecessary. The recruiter will not be calling you for an interview because of physical appearance.

7) Too Long Resume

A resume is not a novel. Recruiters look at a lot of resumes and having a long resume can work negatively. It can overwhelm the recruiter and they might not have time to go through it. Divide the resume into sections and bullet points to make it more organized.

8) Lying About Your Duties

Manipulating or over stretching the truth on your work experiences or educational background is inexcusable. This can led to disqualification immediately. Always ensure whatever is captured aligns with your work experiences.

It would be a shame to miss an opportunity because of foolish mistakes. Work on your resume or get a professional writer to do it for you. Avoid these and you’ll be on your way to your dream job in no time!