Before I tell you why everything I taught you about freelance writing in Kenya was wrong, let me first brief you on how I started out as a freelance writer.

Some months ago, I didn’t have the financial freedom everyone always wants to have; I couldn’t afford to host any of my friends at my house.

Have you ever felt like everything around you is boring? I mean you look around and everything seems messy.

That’s exactly how I felt in January 2018. I was in my small hostel room, wrapped up in my blue-stripped duvet, wondering where my next income would come from.

For chrissake, I was just a college student who couldn’t afford the fancy lifestyle every other college student had. Why was I even in college?

Worst of all is that as much as I was a second-year student, I hadn’t figured any lucrative side hustle that could bag me a few dollars to even buy my “boxers.” lol.

Most of my friends had ventured into lucrative side hustles and life seemed interesting to them.

Here I was in my small room cursing the day I received my results with a grade A- (minus) that gave me a free ticket to join campus.

Here’s How I Taught You How to Become Reputable Freelance Writer in Kenya

Few months after I found my feet, I began teaching people the basics of freelance writing in Kenya. I didn’t just want my juniors to suffer the same way I did.

Basically, I taught people everything I knew about freelance writing in Kenya. My goal was to see other people succeed and mentor the future generation.

So, some few months, after going through a few freelance writing paid courses, I decided to implement everything I learned.

Most of them worked for me while a few couldn’t just favour me because of one or two reasons, but I never gave up.

What I Didn’t Teach You About Freelance Writing in Kenya

Some of what I decided to teach you about freelance writing in Kenya included: continuously pitching clients, having an online presence, creating a writer website, and creating awesome writing samples.

I taught people all the four issues above but missed on very vital ideas that would make the whole lessons wrong.

Continuously pitching clients worked well for me. Clients who didn’t even know me stored my details in their database and later contacted me.

I once pitched a client from Facebook. We didn’t discuss much with him because my rates were super high, but he later contacted me and we are now working together – actually, we’ve been working for more than two months now.

I still pitch clients regularly. Some will respond telling me that they have stored my details and that they will contact me if the need arises.

And the weird part is that I even pitched my college, and guess what?

The content marketing manager gave me time to express myself and after our first meeting, she told me to submit a written proposal that she would then submit to the board for further discussion.

I don’t want to give the impression that they will hire me to market one of their products (Taifa laptop), but I just want to encourage you to be courageous enough and approach big companies just like I did.

The second thing I taught you was to have an online presence.

Sure, I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. I’m blessed to be popular in one of the social accounts – Facebook.

That doesn’t mean that I have failed on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. It’s just that I don’t have many followers on those accounts like I do on Facebook.

I have a Facebook group and page where I give FREE insights to upcoming freelance writers. You can like my page here or join my Facebook group here.

Apart from the Facebook group and page that I manage, I have also joined some of the active Facebook groups like Writing Revolters, POD Online Writers, Article Writers Hub Kenya, Writer’s Group, etcetera.

I have always contributed in the above groups and I’ve got awesome clients from most of them.

I got one of my awesome clients in Writing Revolters Facebook group. She wanted me to her craft some articles and after the project, she had no option but to leave behind this awesome testimonial. See it below:

Not only does Denzil pay attention to detail and follow instructions to a tee, but he’s unafraid to ask questions and offer suggestions for improvements. Denzil clearly cares about the work he does, and it shows. He consistently demonstrates his dedication to his career, his clients, and to inspiring other writers.

The third thing I taught you was to create an awesome writer website.

Because of my hard work and the right attitude, I never spent a coin in designing my website. One of my awesome clients paid for everything, including the Divi Theme and the plugins.

Lucky me, right? Maybe.

Lastly, I taught you the art of crafting writing samples that clients love. I have used the hack I learned to create numerous writing samples that I use to hook clients who ultimately hire me.

But what did I teach you wrong?

Here’s what I taught you wrong:

  • I taught you to continuously pitch clients, but showed you the wrong method
  • I taught you to create an online presence and left it at that
  • I taught you to create a writer website, but didn’t tell you more about creating a website and…
  • I also told you to create samples, but never showed you how

Before I show you in detail what I didn’t tell you earlier, let me say, “I’m sorry.

Let’s jump into the first mistake – Continuously pitching clients.

Continuously Pitch Clients

Pitching clients isn’t that technical. I know what’s technical is getting the emails of those you want to pitch.

And if getting the editors’ email is your biggest problem, I got you covered. You can use some of the email search tools like,, etcetera.

Happy now?

Now that you’ve found the emails of the editors of the companies you want to pitch, go ahead and write an excellent pitch.

Make sure it’s short and on point. One of the secrets is that your first pitch should trigger a response; it’s meant to start a conversation. In short, conclude your pitch with a question tag the editor can’t ignore.

Once you have sent your first pitch, send as many pitches as possible because you will receive approximately five responses out of the pitches you send.

You can get more of this in my FREE mini-course on the fifth lesson.

Create An Online Presence

Several years ago, I thought social media was a photo hub.

Little did I know I was taking misusing a place that could change my life.

And when I realized that social media could completely change my life, I stopped all the naive photo postings and resorted to how I could make good use of it.

Early this year, Facebook made me discover about freelance writing.

And I jumped into the freelance industry without looking back (no regrets).

Many people have always asked me why I’m so popular on Facebook and I give them a simple answer, “I engage in conversations and help people who seek help.”

Perhaps that’s too general, but no worries. Today I will explain how to create an online presence in detail.

Having an online presence doesn’t mean you start deceiving people of what you haven’t achieved. Please minimize your ego and concentrate on helping people instead of talking big.

Sounds harsh, but it’s the fucking truth!

I have read several posts where people talk big, but in reality, they don’t have anything to show – that’s too bad.

You can’t build credibility with lies. No, it’s not possible. You can only build credibility by sharing your honest truth even if it may be uninteresting.

Join Facebook groups, be the first to offer assistance when someone needs it, ask questions and be answered.

Don’t fear asking questions because you feel people will know that you don’t know. After all, when you ask and know, nobody will know you didn’t know earlier.


It’s freaking simple as that. Note that I highly condemned lying to build credibility because it does not work anymore.

Create Your Writer Website

Unfortunately, I haven’t made any post on how to create a website, but I can give you some insights that will help you do the right thing as far as the creation of a website is concerned.

So, the first thing you’ll need is to have a domain name. This is where you may waste the most time. You want to be complicated when in the real sense you can use your own name as your domain name.

But, if you have always wished to use a certain brand name, feel free to use it but make sure it’s not hard to remember.

On the hosting company to select, I can’t tell you there’s a better one. Go for the one you are comfortable with. Whether you choose Hostgator, Hostnine, Bluehost, or whatever, it’s your prerequisite.

I’d advise you to use someone’s affiliate link to get the best discount offers. You can get started for only $2.75 here (this is an affiliate link).

If you use my affiliate link above, I’ll help you set up your site for FREE once you make your hosting payments.

So, create your writer website today to stand out from the crowd.

Create Awesome Samples that Clients Love

This is the most critical stage. You need to take your time creating a writing sample that you’ll present to your client.

I always insist that you should take the shortest time possible to write an article and then take the most time editing your work.

Let’s just say that you should take roughly 20 per cent of your time writing your article and 80 per cent editing it.

Once you are done, you can either publish it on a recognized website or use You won’t be charged anything. It’s totally FREE.

The reason why I’m against you handing over your writing samples as word documents are because no client can trust you with it. Why?

Anyone can borrow a word document and use it when in actual sense it’s not his or hers. (The worst mistake you can ever make is lying to your client).

Ultimately, you’ll suffer because what you’ll be delivering will not be equivalent to what you gave as a sample.

You end up losing a client that you would have made a repeat client if you were honest and presented your own published writing sample.

But I can help you right here, right now…

I can help you write your sample, edit it and publish you on my site like I have done to my students. Just contact me here about it

My third and fourth FREE mini-course lesson has details on how to write and edit your writing sample to simple, clear and elegant.

You can sign up with the link above to access the lessons.

Bottom Line

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about all these freelance writing in Kenya hacks all this time, but the good thing is that now you know.

You now need to follow the hacks to a tee while implementing each of them.

I always encourage anyone who has used my hacks and succeeded never to hesitate to send me an email to let me know of his or her success.