7 Incredible Freelance Competition Tips

Setting up your freelance business is a great way to make money. Over time, more people are doing away with other income streams and going the online way.

What does that indicate to you?

With time, the number of service providers (freelancers to be specific) will go up and jobs will not increase. That means, competition will increase with time.

As a smart freelancer, you have to offer the best to your clients…all the time. However, you must learn the ropes to survive the freelance competition.


Relax; I readily shared seven tips, just for that

Here we go

1) Cold Pitch Even More

Here, you go beyond freelance platforms. Well, you may be comfortable, but it doesn’t harm to get a client via this route. Simply use targeted communication to find out prospective clients.

It’s simply playing your marketing uniquely…to reach out to clients. If done regularly and smartly, cold pitching will offer you a constant if not ample number of clients at your service.

Perhaps this might trigger the fear of plenty client work. But you need not worry about that.

Consider subcontracting your extra work to pals or upcoming freelancers within your niche. More so, you can also take the opportunity to stand your ground and ditch low paying and troublesome clients, and retain only the BEST.

2) Market Your Freelance Services

Take it from me; never stop to market your services! As a freelancer, yours is to get your reach to every prospect, across the globe. Its marketing that eases your reach to those prospects. Let them know that you are there, ready to serve them at the best rates. Actually, it’s not hard; it’s simply playing with your target audience psychology.

Just do a simple Facebook post and issue your business card to your friends. If you are smart, consider a simple blog. Your prospect clients across the world will get attracted to your blog. The trick is to convert your readers to loyal customers.

3) Saving for hard Times

Never take this for granted. As a freelancer, you are your own boss and your paycheck is may not be constant, especially when just starting out. The reality is that freelancers start out slow but garner great expertise and income potential with time.

Be sure to save some cash for the hard times. Life is unpredictable. You may wake up to untold ordeals that render you unable to work. You’ll thank me if you had some cash stacked away from immediate reach. That means you only access the resources to sort your stuff like medication and other urgent needs.

Sure, God forbid. You wake up one morning only to find your laptop stolen or find out that it longer functions. Oh…I do not need to remind you of Backups! Keep updated sticks, hard disks and online utilities like Google drive. If you keep your backups strategies in place, you sure are good to go, working anywhere.

4) Be Smart in Increasing Your Freelance Rates, Skills and Minimizing Work

Freelancing amazes me with the learning curves I’ve seen around. Initially, a slow start is okay. Five years down the line, you are a professional in your niche! Keep hunting for more clients and every time; ensure you negotiate a higher rate.

5) Know Your Freelance Costs and Income Streams

Hey, every you must not escape this. Why? Just at least for your taxes. There are numerous tools to keep track of your revenue and cost schedules. For a start, a spreadsheet is okay or you can try out Google sheets.

Knowing these variables is a MUST. Check on your internet costs,and track your records after a year. Ask yourself reasonable questions:

Am I overspending or under spending, and for what reason?

Am I spending more than my pals for the same?

Am I hitting my revenue targets, why or why not?

Grill your mind on these. The ultimate goal is to minimize your costs and maximize on the profit. That way, your business will serve you for more than you can ever imagine.

6) Understand the Freelance Work Cycles

It’s great to understand your freelance work cycles. As a freelancer, get to the bottom of this and know the months with plenty work, and when famine reigns. Based on the cycles, align more of your work to be done during the plentiful months.

To be smart, you can reach out to prospects and secure contracts to keep you busy during the low seasons. If prospects do not do not hire you, keep them as future leads.

7) Build Networks

For a seasoned freelancer, you may have reaped from the benefits of networking. Get your social accounts targeted to your freelance service niche. Get as more connections as you can, and let them know what services you offer.

Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and all others are good for connecting with other freelancers.

The networks are also a great avenue for your professional growth. Join the groups and participate. Share your success, challenges, encourage others and help them out. After all, we are there for all of us!

Parting Shot

Freelancing is a wonderful avenue if you are coined for it. I’d say it’s not a get rich quick scheme. Since it’s even more competitive than a physical business, you have to be smart: by remaining relevant and maintaining top notch skill and talent.

You have to learn the newest trends and tricks. Get to explore them and remain relevant all through. That’s how to be a competitive freelancer.