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How I wish I were a freelance writer attorney. I would ensure every freelance writer gets paid what he or she deserves. It pains me to see how colleague writers are underpaid. I feel like tabling a bill that would ensure every write...

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“Denzil helped me to get my first client as a newbie freelance writer. I made 150 dollars in my first 2 weeks of freelance writing. Thanks to his advice and freelance coaching. If you are a newbie writer struggling to get clients, then it is time...

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Before I tell you why everything I taught you about freelance writing in Kenya was wrong, let me first brief you on how I started out as a freelance writer. Some months ago, I didn’t have the financial freedom everyone always wants to...

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Offering support to someone with mental illness can be emotionally draining. It gets to a point where you give up, even though you tried to remain positive. Seeing a person upset creates a very uncomfortable situation. This is because you...

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